Application for the Master Food Security and Climate change (FSCC)

The application to the MS Food Security and Climate Change (FSCC) for 2018-2020 (round 1) has been open since 15th October 2017 and will be closed on 31st January 2018 at 18:00 GMT.


For more information about the MS Food Security and Climate Change please, connect to our website here. Particularly, more details are given about the various training tracks on that page.

1 - For the candidates who wish to prepare a full application to the FSCC (for the whole master course - 2 years, with mobility of one semester within the University Consortium (UC: Kasetsart, UPM, IPB, UGM, UPLB):


  1. Check the website tobe informed of the new application periods
  2. When a new application period is open , sign in with the user-name and the password you can choose
  3. Fill the application forms
  4. You can save each page once you have filled all the necessary fields. If you log out and login again, you will retrive the page at the stage you left it.
  5. Upload the required attachments
  6. Identify precisely two referees that FSCC will contact to have their recommendation, with correct email address
  7. Submit your application (checking and sending your data)
  8. Make sure that the 2 referees that you have chosen do upload their recommendation in the application website
  9. Make sure you receive an acknowledgement by email confirming your application.
  10. Keep the originals of your attachments with you : you will have to send them by post only if you are selected.


Be ready and prepare from now the documents you will need to upload :

□ Copy of your diploma and official transcript of records for your BSc or BA, with official seal; if not in English, provide a certified translation of the diploma;

□ Copy of your passport showing date, place of issue, date of expiration and personal details;

□ Curriculum-vitae;

□ Passport-size ID picture;

□ Results of IELTS or TOEFL tests;

□ The name, email address or telephone of two referees. MS FSCC will contact these referees and they will be asked to accomplish recommendation online;

□ Motivation letter: Hand written and signed explanation of your own composition stating why you would like to attend the above mentioned masters program and how this program will help you in your work and career (2 pages);

  • Note 1: this statement should not contain: description of the agricultural production or state or natural resources in your country, generally known facts, repetitions of what is stated in your CV. It should only state your personal motivation for attending the MS FSCC course, your professional goals, your personal career objectives, and how this course will help you in achieving them.
  • Note 2: The documents of the list above are those required for the MS FSCC application. Successful candidates may be required to translate more documents (passport, transcripts, diploma ...) in the languages of the two Universities where they will study.

2 -For the candidates from the non-UC partners of the MS FSCC (Central Luzon State University, Chiang Mai University, Nilai University, Prince of Songkla University, Royal University of Agriculture, University of Battambang) who wish to prepare an application for one semester mobility to the UC consortium Universities:

2 A - Candidates who have already registered on this application website in May or June 2017 at the first call for candidates: when you connect again with the same login and password that you used before, the system will automatically display your former application that you can update for teh present call. Pay a particular attention to the choice of the training tracks or mobilities : choose one of the one semester mobilities that appear as choices 28 to 32

2B - Candidates who apply for the first time : please do all the operations listed in §1 . When you have to choose your training track or mobility: choose one of the one semester mobilities that appear as choices 28 to 32



We wish you all the best for this application!