AgroTIC Services: A Review of Outstanding Performance

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Founded in 2013, following a study commissioned by a consultancy group; Qualiméditerranée, AgroTIC Services of Montpellier SupAgro has become the expert in digital solutions for transfer of knowledge concerning agriculture and the environment.

AgroTIC Services at the interface between teaching, research and business, with three years of experience, has commitments firmly established around four main axes:

  • Designing course content which reinforces the connection between learning and business
  • Personalising guidance for companies investing in research and development projects involving digital solutions for agriculture
  • Setting-up seminars which unite students, researchers and professionals
  • Running training programmes for professionals from the agricultural sector

The annual report is drawn up by AgroTIC Services to keep a record of activities. For 2015 we can see some interesting developments:

  • A long-term commitment to a support framework using the service delivery model. For example: a feasability study for the use of radar to follow precipitation in vineyards - CIVC Interprofessional Centre of Champagne
  • The interest in 'apprenticeship contracts' alternating professional experience with classwork: 7 contracts signed in 2015
  • The stregnthening of links between education and business: a group project with IFV French Institute of Vines and Wines, the Innov'agro Challenge together with Montpellier Business School and Epitech computer science school and through attending conferences like the one on the use of 3D models in agriculture or using Qgis software, to name but two
  • The setting-up of a new Digital Agriculture Business Chair with AgroTIC Services / IRSTEA Research Institute

webFor further information:

Bilan d’AgroTIC Services 2015 (in French)

AgroTic Services (in French)

Léo Pichon, Research Engineer, AgroTIC Services

Can you explain your role in AgroTIC Services?

Since 2013 my mission has evolved to follow the positioning of AgroTIC Services. I carry out studies and offer advice as a consultant. I also design course content for the students on the AgroTIC course and for professional training programmes. I supervise the course structure and respond to any new needs that crop-up. With the Head of Department, Bruno Tisseyre, and the Academic and Professional Partnerships Office, I manage the finances and strategy.

What has been happening over these first three years?

When I first joined the team, AgroTIC Services was no more than a concept. The three year period covers the development, positioning and maturing. In 2015 another research engineer, Thomas Crestey joined the team. He studied on the AgroTIC course as I did.

Today, it is encouraging to see that our students are happy with the course and that they find work quickly. Also, businesses are soliciting AgroTIC Services more and more to work on new projects like the Digital Agriculture Business Chair project and the 'Mas numérique' project, for example.

What does the future hold for AgroTIC Services?

We hope for a long-term commitment with partners and are setting-up the Digital Agriculture Business Chair with this in mind. Soon, another project, 'Mas Numerique', will see light of day at Domaine du Chapitre near Montpellier, offering training in and demonstration of services and digital tools for agriculture: decision-making tools, sensors for soil, plants and vats, weather at the scale of the plot, also using remote sensing, traceability of crop protection products and site specific management of fields.

We have many exciting projects this year and I hope this is just the beginning of a general trend for the future!

Last update : 22/02/2016