Archibald, Nectarus and Nectarine are back!
The MOOCs are on a roll! After the success of its first two MOOCs in agroecology and taxonomy, Montpellier SupAgro is offering you the opportunity to train for free online with MOOC Agroecology (season 3) and MOOC Nectar (season 2). Sign up now on the FUN platform!

After the recent launch of the new MOOC Vine&Wine at SITEVI, Montpellier SupAgro and its partners are offering two new free distance learning courses, open to all (students, professionals, agroecology and taxonomy enthusiasts) and accessible on the FUN platform (France Digital University).

Following the success of their previous seasons, MOOC Agroecology and MOOC Nectar are now back in force with two revised versions.

MOOC Nectar

MOOC Nectar focuses on the identification of arthropodes and nematodes which make up the majority of the species on Earth. Knowledge of these living organisms is essential to preserve the environment and develop strategies for managing and conserving biodiversity.

The 1st version of MOOC Nectar brought together 2,700 people from 87 countries. Over 90% of those interviewed expressed an interest in participating in a new training session.

This year, the TICE team is breaking new ground with the first MOOC using reverse pedagogy. It is up to you to identify what you want and need to learn based on your existing knowledge, and you can choose the content that will allow you to acquire new skills and enrich your knowledge.

This active teaching approach will allow you to reflect on your practices by alternating between theory and the co-construction of knowledge where all participants will be able, based on their own field observations, to share their experiences with the community of learners.

The second season of MOOC Nectar (in French and English) will begin on 23 February 2018 and will last five weeks. Registrations are already open on the FUN platform.

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MOOC Agroecology

MOOC Agroecology returns for the 3rd consecutive year with a new sequence on the agroecological transition, a mini reportage in the field and completely revamped material. Its objective remains the same: to help you discover agroecology, the different approaches to agroecology, and how these translate into agricultural practices and agroecological transition.

Several Montpellier SupAgro students (in engineering and master’s programmes) trained by our teaching teams will assist you throughout the course, answering your questions and providing you with useful advice to help you progress. This approach, already implemented during the previous training sessions, has helped learners understand more or less complex concepts and has provided them real support through the sharing of experience and the quality of discussions.

The first two sessions of MOOC Agroecology attracted more than 19,000 enthusiastic and motivated participants. To meet the expectations of international audiences, the MOOC is available in both French and English.

The third season of MOOC Agroecology will begin on 2 February 2018. The course, in French and English, will last six weeks. Registrations are already open on the FUN platform.

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Last update : 30/10/2018