Welcoming the Summer Schools 2014
About 90 international students started the Summer Course the 1st July at Montpellier SupAgro, to spend two months learning French language and discovering cultural activities...

On Tuesday, 8th July, a special Welcoming event is organized by Montpellier SupAgro to celebrate the start of the 5th edition of "Agri-cultures" Summer Course and 2nd edition of "French Language & Culture" Summer course.

90 foreign students from 17 different nationalities (Brasil, Chili, Argentina, Russia, Italy , Spain, France, Danemark,  Netherland, Serbia, Ukraine, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Thaïland, Ethipia and Tunisia), will participate on Tuesday to an initiation to flamenco dance courses followed by a Flamenco show held by professional and a reception as part of their cultural activities in their summer course programme hosted by Montpellier SupAgro.

70 students are participating to the "French Language & Culture" summer course and 20 students to the  "Agri-Cultures" summer course. They follow a two-month intensive training in French language supplemented by a program of cultural activities for some and an internship in a regional farm for others. These programs aim to facilitate their integration into an institution of higher education that the French will host next September.


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