Termatière, a project incubated at Montpellier SupAgro
Caroline Grellier, a young designer from the Boulle School (French design School) and winner of the national 2015 Pépite contest has joined the Agro Valo Mediterranée incubator on the La Gaillarde Campus for her incredibly innovative and sustainable project . Stephane de Lacroix de Lavalette, an Engineer in Agricultural Sciences has recently been immersed in this adventure too.

Bio-Sourced Design in the Wine Sector!

The particularity of Termatière, is to be a hybrid between a design agency and an engineering consultancy department. They work in the co-development of 100 % bio-sourced new materials and finished products made from agricultural waste. For example, the mature vine shoots are collected from the winegrowers, studied and processed into materials, in partnership with laboratories from Inra (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) and Montpellier SupAgro (National Institute in Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences) which are then transformed into products: crates for wine, objects for a cushioning system for the transport of bottles and so on.

A pioneering and reproducible concept

This approach aims at managing a whole supply chain involving different inputs from a territory in order to create an environmentally -friendly product.

The objective is to widen this local and circular recycling of a waste on a territorial scale, involving other agricultural sectors, new resources and other regions.


Become a student-entrepreneur: a status and a qualification!

A Student-Entrepreneur (D2E) Degree was created in January 2015 for students or young graduates. The objective of the D2E is to provide an administrative framework and an individualized educational support for the student entrepreneur and allow the monitoring and the recognition of any student entrepreneurial project . The D2E of the PEPITE-LR (Languedoc-Roussillon Region) is composed of a single teaching unit validated by a report and a viva-voce presentation. This qualification is awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research commitment committee, after the candidate successfully passes the stages of application, submission and presentation.

Registration for this diploma allows you to acquire or to deepen your knowledge, to obtain professional experience , to conceive your own start-up project and maybe to join the Agro Valo Mediterranée business incubator.

List of projects incubated at Montpellier SupAgro:

Last update : 09/03/2016