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Montpellier SupAgro has one main library and two documentation centers open to the public and located on two sites: La Gaillarde in Montpellier and the Florac Campus in the Lozère region.

These libraries and documentation centers are part of Montpellier SupAgro or INRA (French Institute in Agricultural Research). The network of resources is supplemented by the laboratory and research unit libraries, giving access to documentation of specialized fields to students, academics & staff.

'Coeur d'Ecole' Library - La Gaillarde campus (Montpellier)

You will find over 18,000 documents and 140 specialist press magazine subscriptions in agriculture, agronomy, food and environment. It has a wide range of documents in Viticulture and Enology, as well as Biology and Plant Pathology. These two disciplines contributed to the high scientific reputation of the school in the early 20th century.

The library also gives access to some school archives, keeping the student theses and dissertations as well as the historical collection of works dating from the founding of the school in 1842.

You can also access resources & catalogues online.

Since 2015 the library provides access to over 10,000 science and technology e-books through an e-book interface: ScholorVox Sciences

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 8.30am to 6.00pm; Tuesday 2.00pm  to 6pm, Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm


Pierre Bartoli - La Gaillarde campus (Montpellier)

The Pierre Bartoli documentation center is composed of resources from three research units (UMR): MOISA (Market, Organization, Institution et Actor Strategy), LAMETA (Montpellier Theoretical and Applied Economics Laboratory),and Innovation (Innovation and development in agriculture and the agrifood system),and  the Department SESG (Department of Economics, Management and Social Sciences).

Since 2000, the center has been offering open access to its collections. The coverage is of all UMR subjects like consumer behaviour, quality signalling, public politics and institutional pluralism, firms and agrifood market, natural resources and environmental economics, etc.

Databases and other resources

  • 30,000 documents (4,000 open access)
  • 431 serials
  • Online electronic resources available within the reading room from work desktop
  • Online catalogues
  • INRA electronic portals : online databases and serials

Opening time: Monday to Friday 1.30pm to 6.00pm


Consult our website:

Florac Campus

The Florac documentation center is specialized in the field of education, environment, agriculture and  natural area management. The center is open to students, academics, staff and local inhabitants. It has12,000 documents, books, DVDs and 70 magazine subscriptions.

Opening time: Monday 1.30pm to 6.00pm non stop / Tuesday to Thursday 8.30am to 6.00pm and Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm /  Closed for lunch from Tuesday to Friday 12:15 to 1p.m.



Montpellier SupAgro has subscribed to a collection of more than 10 000 scientific and technical electronic books, accessible on the electronic platform SCHOLARVox Sciences

You can find a selection of these documents in the INRA/SupAgro library catalog.

To read the e-books

  • All the books can be read online (you can’t download them), on computers (with flash player) or on tablets
  • Access is for Mtp SupAgro students and Campus staff ·          
  • To benefit from all the functions of this platform (notes, highlighting, files, comments, coursework etc.) and for access outside of the Campus, you need to create a personal account with a mail address

To help you : 5 short videos online on You Tube

The Library catalogues

About the Library Catalogs

All documents from SupAgro and INRA Libraries can be found in a common catalogue available on Internet.

With this Catalogue, library users can search for books and magazines and know where they are located and if they are available for a loan. Each user registered in the database can consult their loans, with login and password.

They can choose the language of the Interface: French, English, Spanish, Italian, but the search for documents by keyword is only in French. When the documents are found, it is necessary to take note of the library, the topic section and the identification number to search for on the shelves.

The documents in the Florac Library, have to be searched for in their Catalogue.

Library users can search for more documents in other scientific libraries from Research Institutes (Cirad, IRD, CNRS,etc) by using a website called IST Agropolis. They have access to thousands of books or magazines in all agronomical topics. With a network of many libraries united in Agropolis, , students can find the information they need to work efficiently.

The French Universities propose also a collective Catalogue available on Internet, called SUDOC, with all the collections of documents everywhere in France. They have all the theses published in France. This is important information for PhD students.

The Library Catalogs

Documentary Research - Montpellier SupAgro and INRA common Library Catalog

  • You can search for documents in SupAgro and INRA libraries, with the common library catalog. You can consult the documents and find out if they are out or not
  • Most of the libraries are open to the public, but loans are reserved for students and Campus staff. Opening hours of each library are noted in the page of the catalog, when you click on ‘network’ in the menu
  • The registered users can consult their borrowed documents when they connect with the login and password
  • Foreign students can consult the interface in many languages: French, English, Italian, Spanich, Dutch, and dialects ‘Catalan and Occitan’, but the request must be done in French only        

The Institute for Innovative Education in Agro-Environment Library Catalog in Florac  

  • This catalog offers access to all documents available in the Florac library: books, DVDs, press articles and many electronic documents you can download from the catalog interface
  • You can search by key-word, or by title or author. You can also search with the thesaurus Thesagri (for agricultural technical education)
  • In this library catalog, you can find the code number and if the document is available or borrowed. You can consult the loan history with your number on your library card

Other Library Catalogs

  • IST Agropolis: you can find links to online library catalogs from the member institutes of Agropolis International on this web site
  • Sudoc: the French university research and education library catalog which provides all documents from French universities and all the theses written in France. You can search for collections of magazines from many local libraries which are not only in higher education.

The databases

Databases, yearbooks, library catalogs etc.

Access reserved for Mtp SupAgro students and staff



Electronic specialist press: access to the Freedom package from Elsevier, with the ScienceDirect platform

2176 titles, online articles


ScholarVox Sciences

Electronic books platform, from Cyberlibris. More than 10,000 multi-thematic educational books

Campus access

 (Need to create an account for access outside of the Campus)



Europresse is a Press-online database. You can have access to 5,500 French and international information sources, and 550 newspapers in PDF

Campus access

 Database for engineers.

SupAgro has access to scientific articles and technical documentation in the “Food Industry”, “Production Units”  and “Chemical Reaction Engineering” packages  

(Need to create an account to download the online articles)



This French bibliographic database is specialised in the food industry and provides more than 375,000 scientific, technical and financial publications from many specialised reviews, books, theses, congress reports, company reports and legal texts.

Access code available in the library

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