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The Montpellier Supagro Alumni Network provides valuable connections with professionals over the whole range of careers opportunities linked to the qualifications obtained from The National Institute of Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences, Montpellier Supagro - benefits and programs for members to get involved in by tapping into this rich network and staying connected with the other leaders and specialists in the agronomic science & industry sector

The association is growing stronger and more dynamic every year, currently over 9 000 members!

The vision, mission and ambition statements emanating from this network highlights the members dedication to serving all other Montpellier SupAgro alumni. Membership gives access to many services, such as:

  • The complete Directoryof all Montpellier SupAgro alumni
  • Notification of over 200 career opportunities per month
  • Information on funding team projects or individual projects for student initiatives
  • Training courses available
  • The Newsletter
  • New or updated professional networks
  • Student Unions activities and events open to alumni

For more details please visit the Montpellier SupAgro Alumni website (in French)

If you have any comments or suggestions on how the association can serve you better, please contact:

Last update : 07/12/2015