The School

Montpellier SupAgro and its three Institutes

Agri-food Industry, Rural Development, Vine & Wine Science, Agro-Environment

The IRC: Institute for Higher Education in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agri-Food Sciences

The IRC institute offers courses, vocational training and expertise services around the themes of Agriculture, Rural Development and The Food Industry applied to sub-tropical and tropical regions. web


The IHEV: Institute for Higher Education in Vine and Wine Sciences

The IHEV institute manages the Montpellier SupAgro courses concerning the vine and wine sector. This institute ensures a permanent, solid link between training, research and field specialists in France and worldwide. web


SupAgro Florac: Institute for Innovative Education in Agro-Environment

SupAgro Florac is characterized by innovative educational methods at the interface of technical education and higher education in agriculture, serving to cultivate both social and human development. web

Last update : 29/09/2016