Other Partnerships & Programmes

A Worldwide NetWork

Montpellier SupAgro actively participates in international networks involving institutions in agronomic training.

Here are a few examples:

ICA (Inter-faculty Committee Agraria)

With headquarters in Austria, ICA was founded in 1988 as the Inter-faculty Committee Agraria, with a network of more than 60 universities from the EU and neighbouring countries (European Higher Education Area, EHEA). ICA aims to facilitate co-operation between faculties of agriculture in European universities. In 2002, it extended its field of action by becoming the Association of European Universities in life sciences. All disciplines are represented: agriculture, forestry, food, natural resources, rural development and the environment, the subjects of conferences, publications and projects bringing a large scientific community together.
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AGRINATURA is a new alliance formed by 33 European universities and research organisations working in agricultural research, education, training and capacity strengthening for development. It focuses on initiatives that open up new opportunities for farmers to enhance food security and improve the agro-food sector in general, whilst reducing the negative impact of agricultural activities on the environment.
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AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie - French Academic Agency)

Located on three continents, the AUF supports cooperation and solidarity between academic institutions using the French language in the work environment. It also contributes to the development of higher education and research. The AUF is one of the most important higher education and research associations in the world. It has also been La Francophonie’s operating agency for higher education and research since 1989. This Francophone project aims to establish an international French-speaking academic community that produces and shares knowledge.
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Last update : 16/09/2015