Research Internships

Wishing to do your Internship in our Laboratories?

Internship offers are available on the UMR websites , please check the list of Montpellier SupAgro Joint Research Units, and contact them directly. Send them your academic CV & cover letter.

Scholarship available for Researchers (holding a Ph.D.)

AgreenSkills Program

Scholarship Scheme



Further Information

A mobility allowance of 1365.85€/month is available. This financial support is provided by AgreenSkills and includes rights to French health care and pays pension contributions, insurance and other social benefits.

Duration: 6 to 24 months

-Hold a Ph.D. Degree (or  will do so by the mobility start date)
- Not having spent more than 12 months in France within the last 3 years
- having a maximum of 10 years research experience
-Able to write and speak fluent English or French

- more criteria here

- Fill-in an application form and apply online on  AgreenSkills website
Last update : 04/12/2015