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Montpellier SupAgro is a source of skills, know-how and equipment that enables outstanding scientific collaboration with business and research sectors, promoting development and expertise within the framework of its themes, agronomy, agri-food, environment, vine and wine science to name just a few

Depending on your needs, timeframe and budget you can set up projects with professionals, experts, researchers, professors, agricultural engineers or students for your study, survey or consultation

Find the right expert related to your business field:

You have a problem in the field of vine and wine science? You want a study carried out in this sector or a survey?

You need expertise/support in training course design, a diagnosis, an assessment or help with project management related to Southern Countries?

For all other enquiries, the Partnership Support (DP) should be contacted

Get the best out of our students' innovative skills:

As part of their training, teams of students are given missions. During those missions, they are supervised by a team of teachers, researchers and engineers.

For professionals, this is an opportunity to work with high profile innovative students :

To make a diagnosis, a study, to do prospecting,

To identify future trainees or employees

To become educational partners

For students, the objectives are:

To share the academic theories and the professional practices

To work in teams on transferable skills in project management and develop their professional attitude

An agreement is signed between the company and Montpellier SupAgro students.

This agreement specifies:

Terms of management costs by the employer: Students are compensated for all costs incurred by the study
The insurance coverage of the student is ensured by the school
Clauses of confidentiality: students and supervisors undertake no information disclosures on the purpose of the mission and communicate no information entrusted by the company for the conduct of the study

Contact: Géraldine Chamussy : +33 4 99 61 29 84 or at

icone-info You can also contact the association JEMA, which is dedicated to matching the business expertise demand and the most fitting Montpellier SupAgro student profiles. More information here.

Last update : 02/12/2015