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Vocational Training Courses

Tailor-made Vocational Training Courses

Our experience of 'tailor-made training sessions' is enriched year after year. The service DEFIS responds to specific requests for training and support, individually or collectively. By understanding your individual, team, intra or inter-structure needs we are able to build up personalised workshops taking into consideration your goals, methods, and work periods.

  •  Individual applications
  •  Study tours
  •  Action-training with the possibility of 'in-house sessions' in your company, in France or Abroad
  •  Distant learning service

We will consider any request and with our professional experts to design the training session that best suits your needs.

Partner Training Centers

Increasingly, the courses offered are developed in partnership with training institutions implanted in your countries. Pooling expertise and resources with these 'win-win' partnerships allows SupAgro to more accurately fulfill its mission of international cooperation. Working as part of a network of training facilities in the South improves our response to new professional requirements, locally.

Some partner organizations

  • Madagascar, CTHT (Horticultural Technical Center of Tamatave). Training implemented in partnership on the value chain analysis and engineering training
  • Burkina Faso, Inades Formation. Training project on giving agricultural advice to farmers.
  • Senegal, Dakar ESEA (School of Applied Economics). Training project in partnership with the Gerdal on supporting farmers and using innovation, as well as land based themes.

A few examples of 'tailor-made' vocational training sessions (Click on link to expand content)

Understanding family agriculture: analysis of production systems (Program and ACEFA AFOP, Cameroon, 2010)

The social construction of demand for agricultural services (various sessions with training centers in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Morocco for several years ...)

Supporting and following-up promoters (Guyana Amazonian Park, 2010)

Building an agricultural and rural training session (Department of Agricultural and Rural Education of the Ministry of Agriculture, Madagascar, 2011)

Build a device to promote the professionalization of graduates (School of Agronomy of Haiti and Algeria, 2011)

Tools and methods for analyzing sectors: operating, actor strategies and food (National Union of Cotton Producers, Burkina Faso, 2010; Madagascar, horticultural sectors, cases of Lychee, 2011)

Safety and dairy processing small scale (Faculty of Niamey, Niger, 2011)

Librarian: manage, process, disseminate information (Montpellier, several librarians receptions since 2008)

Last update : 14/01/2016