Master's Degree in Agronomy and Agri-Food

- Student Status : Formation initiale ou Etudiant étranger
- ECTS credits: 120

Course Objectives

This training course is primarily open to foreign students who plan to pursue their activities in the field of agricultural production and processing, resource management or agricultural and rural development, both in Europe and in Southern countries.

The Master's Degree in Agronomy & Agri-food aims to build your capacity to:

 Analyze and understand the agricultural and agrifood technical, economic and social production systems;

Identify and implement technical innovations, scientific and / or organizational measures to improve the performance of these systems

Develop and support strategies for natural resource management, consistent with the economical and social development of rural areas

The Master of Science and Technology Degree in Agronomy & Agri-food offers 10 study trajectories

The specialization Viticulture, Enology Vine & Wine Economics and Management covers all wine producing countries. The other specializations relate more specifically to the Mediterranean and tropical areas.

Career Prospects

These highly specialized, multidisciplinary study programmes are aimed to provide you access to top level managerial positions. Depending on the chosen study trajectory in M2, several choices and high level career prospects are possible

Admission Requirements

For the first year of a Master’s Degree programme, a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent is required (3 years of university studies)

For the students having already completed some of the credits of the Master’s program, in certain cases a direct admission to the second year (M2) can be granted

Before beginning the Master’s program, a French language intensive immersion course is proposed to the non-French speaking students. The Summer School of Montpellier SupAgro (Campus d’été) takes place in July-August, offering French language, culture and agriculture courses

Campus France Offices  :

If you have a Campus France Office in your country and you wish to apply,
you MUST contact and then submit a first application at your Campus France Office prior to applying for the M.Sc. Degree course in Agronomy and Agri-food Sciences & Technologies

Please refer to the website here for more details

Course Content

An advanced level two-year study programme with a total number of 120 ECTS credits, as follows:

  • First year (M1) - 60 ECTS

The first semester is dedicated to basic scientific knowledge in Engineering in Life Sciences.
The contents of the course programmme for the second semester can be chosen from a large variety of study units in all fields of specialization. The students can thus acquire the scientific and technical basis for their final selected specialization.

  • Second year (M2) - 60 ECTS

During the first semester, the knowledge of the students in their field of specialization is reinforced by high level academic vocational courses
The second semester consists of a six-month work placement in a company or a research laboratory, compatible with the student’s professional project.


The M1 combines mandatory (1st semester) and optional modules (2nd semester) allowing students from diverse study backgrounds to reach the same level of knowledge and choose their field of specialization for the second year (M2).

In the 1st semester, mandatory modules include:

  • Basics of rural diagnostics, analyzing agricultural practices
  • Languages (French for non-French speakers, English for French-speakers)
  • Computer skills (primarily Excel)
  • Bibliographic research (in connection with the second-year pedagogical supervisors)
  • Initiation in economics

Optional modules depend on the students’ orientation in the second year (M2).

The 2nd Semester aims progressively toward specialization and is divided into a series of 5 sequences to introduce students to each specialization (2 to 4 weeks each). In each sequence, the students with the help of their tutors must choose the modules that will best prepare them to finalize their choice for the second-year specialization.

The second year (M2) offers a choice of five themes with differentiated specializations to choose from during the first semester:

  • Innovative Systems and Techniques in Plant Health (STISP) (a joint degree with AgroCampus Ouest) 

    >> Plants Health

The second semester is devoted to a six-month work placement in a company or a research laboratory according to the student’s vocational project.


In order to apply to the Master’s Degree course, you must complete the application form available online

The applications for the current academic year are open until March 31st, 2017

  • Fees

    1st Year (M1) = 5 500€*
    2nd Year (M2) = 5 000€*
    Complete Master Degree (M1 + M2)= 10 500€*
    Last semester of M1 + complete M2= 7 800€**
  • Just M2=5 700€

(*) Except for Vinifera EuroMaster: 4000€ / year, M1+M2 => 8 000€, (to be confirmed,) for EU-nationals , and 8000€/year, M1 + M2 => 16 000€, (to be confirmed) for non-EU nationals

(**) Applies only for the specialization Viticulture, Enology, Vine & Wine Economics and Management


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