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Experimental Farms

A Focus on Research

Montpellier SupAgro has two experimental farms focussed on viticulture and sheep breeding. Their experimental, research, transfer and production activities contribute to SupAgro’s training programmes.

Le Domaine du Chapitre (Languedoc-Roussillon)

The Domaine du Chapitre is a teaching and experimental platform specialized in vine growing and wine production. Through its project, Chapitre 2020, it is actively engaged in promoting agro-ecological transition and digital agriculture initiatives. The Domaine also hosts innovative start-up companies breaking into the wine sector.

Training activities conducted on the 135 ha site are part of vocational, professional and advanced degree programmes.

Research activities focus on the breeding and management of tropical and Mediterranean crops and the dissemination of innovative grape varieties.

In 2004, the Domaine opened the Wine Cellar, where innovative, award-winning wines and other products produced on the estate are for sale.

Domaine du Chapitre, 170 boulevard du Chapitre, 34750 Villeneuve-Les-Maguelone, France.

Le Domaine du Merle (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur)

The Domaine du Merle is a teaching and experimental platform specialized in sheep breeding and herding, water management and hay production. The 400 ha site is on the Crau plain, known for its high quality hay and unique, steppic rangeland known as coussouls. Through its project, Merle 2020, the Domaine is actively engaged in promoting agro-ecological transition initiatives. It is also an important training centre for shepherding.

On-site training activities consist primarily of vocational training courses on transhumant sheep husbandry with some short courses targeting specific related topics. The Domaine also serves as a field study site for master level training programs with water and livestock specializations.

Research activities focus on sheep breeding and the management of water resources.

Domaine du Merle, Route d’Arles, 13300 Salon de Provence, France
Last update : 14/12/2016