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The French Public Scientific Cooperation Institution for Agriculture, Food, Animal Health and the Environment

Agreenium is a consortium of 7 major French Institutions in AgroSciences, created by decree of 10th May 2009 by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, with the status of public scientific cooperation institution (EPCS).

Who is behind the creation of Agreenium?

Two leading French agricultural research institutes:

Six Agricultural / Veterinary university level schools:

And more can join......

Why do we need Agreenium?

To create synergy between research and education in France in the fields of agrosciences
To improve collective response to the issues and challenges for food security and sustainable agriculture worldwide
To foster the international ambitions of the French system of agricultural and veterinary research and education
To increase the capacity for innovation and  transfer of knowledge

Agreenium: linking research, education and development

The disciplinary fields in agrosciences:

  • Social sciences and economics in rural development
  • Biology, ecophysiology, agroecology
  • Sustainability of production systems
  • Environment, biodiversity and natural resources
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Nutrition, food processing technologies

Academic courses in France and International programmes:

  • 200 Masters of sciences
  • 15 doctoral schools
  • A large network of universities and research centres
  • Innovative education methods including individual coaching, e-learning, vocational training
  • Possibility of a 'double' degree
  • 8 'Erasmus Mundus' Master of Science Degree courses and various PhD programmes in cooperation with European universities
  • One 'Erasmus +' Master of Science  Degree
  • An 'International Research School' (EIR-A) with a career-oriented programme based on the best European standards
  • A mobility programme for young researchers: 'AgreenSkills' to encourage the international mobility of talented young researchers from all over the world, holding a PhD and having a maximum of ten years research experience

Agreenium: A partner for development

The numerous agreements with foreign universities allow for:

  • Development of innovative curricula
  • Links with professional stakeholders
  • Joint research
  • Student Exchange programmes and mutualisation of recognised courses and degrees
  • Teacher training courses

Expertise, professional training and lifelong learning on:

  • Needs assessments
  • Course design, including e-learning, research programming for development and innovation impact
  • Management of research and educational institutions
  • Quality garantees in research and capacity development
  • Organisation of specialized networks
  • Expertise for formulation and implementation of development projects
  • Evaluation of policies and programmes

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