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Unesco Chair World Food Systems

Research, Education & Knowledge Exchange

In May 2011, Montpellier SupAgro created a chair in “World Food Systems” (“Alimentations du monde”) labelled by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as part of the international program UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs. This is in partnership with Agropolis international institutions, stakeholders involved in agricultural and food systems in France and Worldwide, along with the support of Agropolis Foundation.

The UNESCO Chair "World Food Systems" (WFS) is aiming to increase and disseminate academic and empirical knowledge on world food systems, their diversity, their dynamics and their human and environmental impacts from the standpoint of sustainable development. It will do this by adopting a multidisciplinary approach (biotechnical science and social sciences).

The UNESCO Chair 'World Food Systems' will contribute to develop the following activities:

  • Research : promote the development and sharing within a multidisciplinary approach crossing biotechnical sciences and social sciences
  • Education: transferring scientific and technical knowledge through education and training, particularly in the context of the annual seminar and Higher Education degrees
  • Exchange of Knowledge : setting up of conferences and debates between the scientific community, policy makers, representatives of the business sector and the general public

Courses labelled by the UNESCO Chair WFS:

Training professionals able to respond in a sustainable and equitable fashion to the major agricultural challenges of tomorrow, especially considering the food demands of a rapidly growing world population. In the field of education, the UNESCO Chair 'World Food Systems' has accredited its label to courses taught at Montpellier SupAgro which share the same mission:

Last update : 15/12/2015