The first International Staff Week took place at Montpellier SupAgro headquarters from March the 2nd to March the 5th, 2015 and the event attracted more than 20 partners representing twelve different universities and research organisations.

The four main objectives of this seminar were:

· To present Montpellier Supagro; visit of the campus facilities and research labs

·To create two interactive group sessions on international and private partnerships:

  •  Organization of international relations activities, definition and implementation of an international    strategic plan
  • University-business cooperation; involvement and support of private partners in the implementation of our programs and exchange of best practices and experiences

·Two thematic seminars :

  • Cooperation with developing countries and capacity building projects
  • Joint training and cooperation in the field of plant sciences and plant breeding

·Mobility Forum; international partners could meet our students to present their university and help students with their mobility project.

However, the activities proposed for the International Staff Week were not compulsory for all participants since the aim was also to reinforce relations between staff and professors by taking the opportunity to sign new Erasmus + mobility agreements or to work on collaborative projects with universities.

Moreover, apart from the International Officers from the partner universities that attended this event, researchers also took this opportunity to meet scientists in order to develop their own workshops with scientific thematics. The driving force behind the 2015 International Staff Week was the four SupAgro professors who shared their experience with their international partners in science. In fact, there were two workshops lead by scientists; 'Capacity Building Projects' directed by Jacques Maillet, director of the Institute for Higher Education in Tropical Agri-food Industry & Rural Development and the workshop 'Plant Sciences and Plant breeding' directed by Dominique This, professor in Plant Science.

In addition, two side events were organised: the first one by Bénédicte Fontez, professor in biostatistics, who took the opportunity to welcome two partners and work on an Erasmus + Strategy Partnership project in the field of Biostatics. Patrice Lallemand, engineer at the Institute for Higher Education in Vine & Wine, evaluator of European Projects for the French Agency Erasmus +, participated in the discussion and gave advice on the building of the project. The second side event was organised by Sophie Thoyer, professor in Agricultural and Environmental Economics and Head of the SupAgro Department of Economic, Social and Management Science (SESG), who invited Darren McCauley, professor from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, in charge of international partnerships, in order to finalize an Erasmus + agreement with Montpellier SupAgro on the subject of Environmental Policy, starting in September 2016.

This International Staff Week was not only dedicated to administrative staff working for the international relations office but also to partner scientists interested in meeting SupAgro scientists

Last update : 17/04/2015