Project - Urban Dirven Innovations For Sustainable Food Systems URBAL

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Type d'auteurs : Chercheurs
Année : 2020
Langue : Anglais
Auteur.e.s : Cirad, Wilfrid Laurier University, Montpellier ''SupAgro'', ESTA, Milan
Mots clés : évaluation, ville/urbain
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Résumé/Remarque : Ubal: Urban-Driven Innovations for Sustainable Food Systems is an international project that uses participatory research in eight cities to develop and test a holistic methodology to map the impact pathways that go from urban innovations to all dimension of sustainability of food systems.

Mapping impact pathways will allow Urbal to develop a methodology that describes how innovations take place in terms of knowledge and material flows, networks, challenges and opportunities. Some impacts of innovations are obvious, but others are indirect, mediated, incidental, retroactive, unexpected or delayed. The Urbal mapping of innovation impact pathways aims to depict this complexity. A sustainability framework is at the core of our research approach with environmental, socio-cultural, food security, and nutrition and governance considerations central to our research. We are interested in innovations that include two or more of these sustainability dimensions.

The project is coordinated by researchers from various disciplines at Cirad, Montpellier Sup Agro, the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems, Wilfrid Laurier University and Esta Milan. It combines research teams and project leaders from Baltimore (USA), Berlin (Germany), Brasilia (Brazil), Hanoi (Vietnam), Cape Town (South Africa), Mexico (Mexico), Milan (Italy), Montpellier (France), Paris (France) and Rabat (Morocco). It is funded by Agropolis Fondation, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation and the Cariplo Foundation as part of the Thought for Food project.
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