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Supagro2014 Staff asked 3 years ago

What can be improved? what should be done in our universities to make sure TradPro reaches its objectives?

Bearing in mind that :

  • TradPro aims at producing training modules and pedagogical approaches for better graduates, suited to the professional needs.
  • TradPro aims at increasing and improving the relationships with the professional world : better internships,

With the overall objective that KZ & RU universities become key partners and central point of contact for the professionals, whether they are public (labs, researchers…) and private (factories, entrepreneurs…)

Yelena Staff replied 3 years ago

In 2015-2016 KSU introduced the following courses within Food Production 90 ECTS Master program: Management (3,2 ECTS) – module Marketing and Entrepreneurship Food Chemistry (4,8 ECTS) – module Food Safety Dairy products microbiology and safety (4,8 ECTS) – module Food Safety New Product Development (4,8 ECTS) – module Traditional Food Processing Food Science (4,8 ECTS) – module Traditional Food Processing In 2016-2017 all three modules will be taught within master program. Though TradPro helped to set beneficial relationship with the professionals, there are certain difficulties in the organization of professional internships for master students. Possible reason is that most food processing companies are private, the official letters are rarely answered, so the university teachers have to use personal connections (go to the companies and talk to a chief of a company) to conclude an agreement on mater students’ internships.                           Probably, the agreement on students' internship must be focused on professionals' benefits. KSU team works at overcoming the difficulties.