From the beginning of November, 2014 at TuvSU has started the process of preparation of documents for licensing of Master’s  program on food  safety, production and marketing of traditional products in Russia and Kazakhstan in the framework of TradPro Project.

This program will be implemented in the Agricultural Faculty of TuvSU. It will be started in 2016. The program includes 3 Modules with total 120 Credits.


Theoretical training is 60 Credits

Module 1. Food safety  17 Credits (612 hours)

Basic disciplines

  1. The quality management of production 6 credits (216 hours)

Divergent disciplines:

  1. Food safety of raw materials and foodstuffs and its regulations provide 3 credits
  2. The Hygienic bases of the food production and examination SET
  3. The Modern methods of conformity assessment of products and processes 3 credits


  1. Identification and detection of adulteration of food 2 credits
  2. Control of production of animal origin products 2 credits


Module 2. Production of traditional products 20 credits (720 hours)

Basic disciplines:

  1. The methodology of designing products with desired properties 6 credits(216 hours)

Divergent disciplines:

  1. Production and preparation of meat products by traditional technology 3 credits
  2. Production and preparation of dairy products on traditional technology 3 credits
  3. Production and preparation of cheese by traditional technology 3 credits
  4. Standardization of animal origin food 3 credits


  1. Designing of animal products 2 credits

(Process control for the processing industry enterprises)

  1. Biotechnology of national dairy products 2 credits



Module 3. Marketing of traditional products 17 credits (612 hours)

Basic disciplines:

  1. Principles of Marketing 6 credits (216 hours)

Divergent disciplines:

  1. Methods of sociological research, applied research 3 credits
  2. Business Planning 3 credits
  3. Brand Management 3 credits


  1. Sales Management 2 credits
  2. Innovation Management 2 credits


Basic disciplines according Russian educational standards 4 credits (144 hours)

  1. Philosophical problems of science and technology 2 credits
  2. Math modeling 2 credits


Discipline, proposed by university 2  credits (72 hours)

  1. Business Foreign Language 2 credits