You are a public or private company dealing with food?

You can help us :

With your help we can build training programs, at different levels (Bachelors, Masters) that are suited to your needs. Contact us or leave your details if you are interested in telling us what skills you are currently struggling to find on the job market. You can also post a comment here. You can provide us with some internships (you can post internships offers here) that will enhance our student’s practical skills, You can give some lectures to our universities, that will give our students a updated focus on the professional world, where they will be employed within a few years, You can post job offers here .

And you can get :

First, if we design our training program with the help of professionals, our universities will “produce” graduates with better skills at medium term. You can already find out our talents here.

Check out regularly this website, we will organise, starting 2015, short & very practical training sessions, for your benefit and your staff’s benefit. We kindly recommend that you sign up to our newsletter (our “mailing list” at the bottom of this page) so you won’t miss anything!

Last but not least, your local university has entered a process for improving & increasing the relationships with you, “professionals”.  That could lead to many opportunities, among them collaboration for research project towards technical innovation in your company,  and many others.