You are currently studying at the university in a food related area?

Here is what Tradpro will bring you and why you should use this website!
TradPro aims at improving the relationships between the professionals and your university. Therefore, at mid term, the training courses shall be more suited to the needs of your future employers, hence you will get more chances to have a great job and to be good at what you will have to do! Little by little, some new or enhanced activities will appear in your training programs : more practical activities, more or different personal projects, focussed internships. Don’t miss anything, sign up in our mailing list (bottom of this page)! Last but not least, submit your resume here and get contacted by your future employer! Also check out for internships here.
 But we also need you and your inputs!!! because you are at the hearth of the training process, we will sometimes ask you what you think of the training you get, or on the training you got while you were studying. Or on what you would like or would have liked to be trained on. It is thus of utmost importance for us that you register to this website and mailing list, because then we will be able to get in touch with you.