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Tempus Events

Steering Committee 4

19-20-21 September the Fourth Steering Committee of Tempus TradPro Project will take place at Buryat State Academy of Agriculture named after V. Phili

  • BSAA Ulan Ude

Training in Montpellier

From May the 18th to the 29th, 5 kazakh and Russian teachers from partner’s universities will be trained on traditional food processing. This tr

  • Montpellier, FR

2nd Steering committee

Steering committee 2 is foreseen end of April (likely the 21st, to be confirmed). It will be by videoconferencing. All partners shall attend. The agen

PDC training session

From October the 20th to the 24th in Montpellier, France. all PDC managers from the 7 partner’s universities will attend.  

  • Montpellier, FR