Buryat State Academy of Agriculture named after V.R. Philippov (BSAA), Ulan-Ude, Russia is a founder of higher education in the Republic of Buryatia. Today, the Academy is one of the most dynamic and successful universities in the Siberian Federal District, whose activities cover a wide range of educational services and research projects. The Academy is a multi-faceted, scientific and educational center with six faculties and three institutes, with more than eight thousand students, one of the biggest agricultural universities in Siberia and the Far East. BSAA performs educational activity in 46 specialties of higher professional education, offering Bachelor, Specialist (5-year diploma) and Master degrees. Likewise students can take post-graduate courses which lead to obtaining “candidatskaya” and “doctorskaya” degrees (PhD). Thanks to a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced teaching staff, educational and scientific processes are maintained at a very high level with implementation of innovative educational technologies. To comply with an on-going education requirements, BSAA starts new study programs, creates institutions and develops its international cooperation. The Academy is a constant participant of such international programs as TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Fulbright, etc. We aim at training highly-competent and well-rounded specialists with a strong commitment to cultural diversity and equality.