S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University is one of the largest agricultural universities in the Central and Northern Kazakhstan, the first university of Astana, which was founded in 1957 as Akmola Agricultural Institute (Council of the Ministers of the USSR №1176 from 3.10.1957).
Today KATU is the oldest university of the capital, it has established scientific schools. The University is a single educational, scientific and methodical complex, which includes a system of higher education and postgraduate training. Currently, there are 43 departments at the University. Over nine thousand students by 37 undergraduate majors, 24 master specialties and 6 specialties of doctoral studies PhD (veterinary medicine, veterinary sanitation, agriculture, livestock products, economics, agricultural machinery and technology, forestry) are trained at eight Faculties. It is started preparation of multilingual personnel by 5 undergraduate majors and 3 master specialties. The educational process is carried out by more than 650 lecturers, 353 of whom are doctors and candidates of sciences.

The University scientists are involved in the development of regional, national cross-industry and industry research programs. The number of research projects makes up 30 to 45, the funding of science is increased to 3 times and reached more than 251 million KZT. The journal “Bulletin KATU” is defined by Thomson Reuters Agency as a scientific publication with a non-zero index.
For more than half a century, it was trained more than 55,000 highly qualified specialists for various branches of the agro-industrial complex of the country, who have made their selfless work and continue to make a worthy contribution to the economic development of the state. The University is proud of its graduates, among them employees of the Administration of the President and the Prime Minister’s Office, deputies of the Senate and the Majilis, ambassadors, prominent scientists, PhDs, Akims of regions, cities and districts, heads of large enterprises and agricultural companies, specialists in various sectors of the economy.
It was identified the priority areas in education: quality training for the agricultural sector, competitiveness and ranking university both at the national and at the international level, successful integration into the world educational and scientific space. For their implementation, the University has introduced a modern management system, innovative learning technologies, strengthen the material and technical base, established an effective system of interaction with the production, employers, research institutes and centers and formed a strong scientific base. KATU adequately passed institutional accreditation according to international standards and state certification and now is preparing for international accreditation.
The University today by many indicators is a leader not only in the capital, it is among the top three among the thirty technical universities in the country.
The University has won great authority not only in our country but also far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan. The University has strong cooperation with a number of educational and scientific centers of Russia, the USA, Germany, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland,China, Mongolia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Poland and others.
S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University is a full member of the Great Charter of Universities, which is the basis for the formation of a single European educational space. Successfully introduced advanced technology education related to the computerization of all the structures of the university. All this allows integrating successfully into the global educational system.
The university has the necessary equipment and modern technology and equipment for quality training a competitive specialist. Modular educational programs by 60 specialties were developed with the active participation of employers. For the expansion of the material and technical base of the university it was developed eight investment projects.

According to the research agency QS KATU is ranked among the world’s universities + 601, including 8 Kazakhstan universities.

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