AGROCAMPUS OUEST (Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences and Landscaping) is a higher education and research pubic institute under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

AGROCAMPUS OUEST, headquatered in Rennes, is composed of 2 campuses:

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is organised as follows:

The range of qualifications awarded by AGROCAMPUS OUEST covers the whole BMD (Bachelor-Master-Doctor) range (from 3 to 8 years post school-leaving).


– A life sciences engineering qualification with 4 areas of specialisation.

– 17 occupationally oriented master’s specialities or research in 6 major areas of study:

– A phD degree in the following fields:

  • Applied mathematics
  • Biochemistry – molecular and cellular biology
  • Biology and agriculture
  • Ecology
  • Economics
  • Environmental sciences
  • Humanities and social sciences

By choosing AGROCAMPUS OUEST students get the advantages of a top engineering college:

  • a college on a human scalewell connected to the professional sector: in the course of their studies, all students receive support in developing their career plans
  • a training backed by cutting-edge research
  • a globally focused college:over 80 academic partners, 10% foreign students on campuses

AGROCAMPUS OUEST is involved in competitiveness clusters (e.g. “Vegepolys” in plant science, “Valorial” in food science, “Pôle Mer Bretagne” in sea science) and has close ties with companies through technology transfer, innovation lifelong learning and alumni network.

 Key figures
– 1,900 students (Master, MSc in Engineering and PhD)
– 150 teaching staff, 130 of which are also researchers
– 290 administrative and technical staff
– 6 teaching and research departments , 14 research units
– 360 associate researchers
– 6 doctoral schools
– 2 training and research centres (3 sites: Angers, Beg-Meil, Rennes)
– 80 partners universities around the world
– over 13,000 alumni

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