PDC manager -professor Natyrov Arkadi Kanurovich

tel: 8(84722) 3-90-07

e-mail: natyrov_ak@mail.ru


The Dean of agrarian faculty
Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia Honored worker of science of the Republic of Kalmykia The Academic of natural Sciences, RAN Honorary worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation Honored Professor of Atyrau state University. (Kazakhstan) The Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia Member of the Union of journalists of Russia Emeritus Professor don state agrarian University Address: 358,000 deaths, RK, Elista, Kalmyk state University, 5 ul., academic building Kalhu No. 4, KAB. 111 Phone: 8(84722) 3-90-07 Disciplines: Breeding, genetics of farm animals, selection and breeding work in animal husbandry, technology of production and processing of milk, herd reproduction and breeding beef cattle Teaching experience: 22 years The number of Ph. D. degree under the guidance of A. K. Natarova: 5 Number of publications: 200 scientific papers, 5 monographs, 6 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions.

Mission of PDC:

Organization and internships, job fairs, cooperation with local authorities

Facilitating the employment of graduates, organizing and conducting training courses and trainings for professionals, informing the public about the goals and objectives of the Tempus project TradPro.


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