PDC managers for KATU are:

  1. Abdrakhmanov Sarsenbai, Professor, Head of the department «Veterinary sanitary» (on food safety).

Tel: +7-701-388-14-67, s_abdrakhmanov@mail.ru,

  1. Kazhgaliev Nurlybai, Associate Professor, Head of the department «Technology of production and processing of animal products» (of food production)

Tel: +7-702-296-74-23, guldana-72@mail.ru

July 3 this year, an order was issued to establish the Centre of career and business at the Kazakh Agro Technical University.
Its main task is to implement Strategies to improve students’ practical training and strengthening work on the employment of graduates.

  •          Will be organized a database for graduates with their CV; database of companies with vacancies;
  •          On the basis of the Centre will be organize job fairs, seminars, advanced training courses and more.
  •          Regulations on the work of this Center under development.

In this Center, we will carry out project activities of the Tempus TradPro.

Here is attached the document which states the creation of the Centre of career and business within KATU..

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