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Montpellier SupAgro is enthusiastic about its sporting activities and offers its students a wide range of sports activities. The Sport Association with the help of the Student Sport Office welcomes as many students as possible. Enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of the school team and meeting fellow students!

Sport Association (AS)

The Sport Association provides students with the pleasure of playing together in a unique atmosphere. Everyone can progress at their own pace but every sports member aims for victory! Whether you play for leisure or to enter competitions such as the Inter-Agros, or Occitanies, FFSU championships, you will find your place here.

Many sports training sessions are held on Thursday afternoons, as part of the free time dedicated to activities and sports, an important policy adopted by Montpellier SupAgro for the health and well-being of the students.

Other training sessions take place throughout the week, arranged by the individual teams.

Sport at Montpellier SupAgro:

A member of the French University Sport's association (FFSU) Championships with mens & womens competitions: RUGBY, SOCCER, BASKETBALL, HANDBALL, VOLLEY BALL and - mens TENNIS

On La Gaillarde campus you can also find: ATHLETICS, BADMINTON, MARTIAL ARTS, FITNESS

At the Universities of Montpellier Sports centers:  MARTIAL ARTS, YOGA, DANCE

Outdoor sports: SAILING (Spi Dauphine Team), CLIMBING, HORSE RIDING organised by the Student Union "Le Cercle", and SAILBOARDs are available for rent through the Sport Association.

For further details please contact:Pierre Pillet.

Student Sport Office (BDS)

B-D-S, the essential three letter word when you are a student at Montpellier SupAgro. this means literally Bureau Des Sports (Student Sport Office), but can also be known as the Empowering Office, Sympathetic Office .... The main thing is to continue organizing all sporting events for the school such as:

The Inter-promo: this is just as a warm up, principle: 1st years against the rest of the world (2nd yrs,
3rd yrs, ...) in team sports, the must: Rope tug or Bock rally!
The Codige: tournament between the Higher Education Schools of Montpellier
The Inter-Families
The Bad Night
The Volley Ball Night
The Occitanies: tournament against Toulouse & Bordeaux Agronomic institutions
The Ovalies: the BIGGEST Rugby tournament for all the Universities, it takes place in Beauvais.

And of course:
THE INTER AGRO: the biggest sports competition against all French Higher Education Schools in Agronomy! Montpellier SupAgro hosted the Inter-Agro 2013, and arrived in second position behind AgroParisTech!! 

BDS is 250 members, 186 licensed for competition, 24 sport activities offered, fun for all!

We would also like to hear from you if you have suggestions for starting a new team - just let the Student Sport Union  know and we'll help you! Please contact us at
 or follow us on Facebook: BDS-SupAgro Facebook page

Last update : 01/12/2016